Boss Digital was contracted to do a UX Audit and improve the UX Design of the Invesco Hong Kong website for Retail and Institutional investors to increase engagement, time, improve navigation and the use of the website functions and drive more enquiries to funds managers and IFAs.


Boss Digital conducted a UX audit that included discussing the website objectives with management, conducting a review of the website user behaviour and presenting our recommendations to management.

Following the recommendations we created an improved user flow and UX wireframes to illustrate improve website layout, navigation and web design technologies.

We then created a new UX design based on the improved layout, navigation and functions for both desktop and mobile visitors, that has been implemented on the Invesco Hong Kong website and also used in the Invesco Austrlian website.


  • Improved online branding and website design
  • Improved website usability and navigation
  • Improved website usage statistics

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